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Three Wise Monkeys is the epitome of a modern animation production company. As a group of producers, directors, animators, designers, artists, programmers, editors, sound engineers and visual effects specialists, we seek to create media that visually engages, emotionally touches and creates participation through interest.

We develop characters, design environments and effects, produce animation, and integrate media to screens, platforms, wearables and installations. After 30 years of experience in the animation, live action production, design, visual effects and tech. sectors, we like to find smart ways of achieving a brief or developing a project, through our network of specialists. We bring the project alive through craft and open collaborative methodologies to deliver the highest quality visual media cost-efficiently. We use both in-house and partner capabilities in our extensive open network of trust and leading talent. We love to collaborate with other production companies, agencies and commissioning clients across the advertising, marketing, communication, PR and entertainment to produce exceptional work.


Three Wise Monkeys Director Martyn Pick animates opening title sequence for Women of 1915 feature

Women 0f 1915      

Director Martyn Pick designed, storyboarded and animated the opening sequence for Emmy Award Winning film-maker Bared Maronian’s documentary feature about the Armenian Genocide, “Women of 1915” ,in which an estimated 1 million of the Armenian subjects of the Ottoman government (in present day Turkey) were exterminated. Women of 1915 highlights the integral role Armenian women played in their respective communities as leaders, homemakers,  mothers, fighters, caregivers, educators and eventually the victims of the last century’s first ethnic cleansing campaign. The film which had its premiere screening in the US at the beginning of June featured an opening animated prologue sequence designed and animated by Martyn Pick, further developing the digital painting technique he has developed alongside his live action narrative film direction.

Martyn, who cites the influences of Guillermo Del Toro, TerenceFisher and Mario Bava in the use of colour and William Blake in the styling, developed his ideas from the myths and fables around the Armenian ancient twelve gods in the introduction sequence.The animation utilised Martyn’s unique digital painting technique which overlays the figurative animation animator Gill Bradley and Martyn set up for the sequence. Martyn then created illustrated style frames which he animated as sequences using a small crew to maximise the budget and timing for production.The sequence was produced out the US by Liz Shaw and Three Wise Monkeys Smoke and Flame artist Brian King completed the grading and compositing of the animation layers to produce the finalised sequence at Cinema resolution.


Feature Film Director and Producer: Bared Maronian
Animation Director: Martyn Pick
Figurative Animation: Gill Bradley
US Agent and Producer: Liz Shaw
Smoke and Flame artist: Brian King at Three Wise Monkeys

Tomas Vergara Directs and Animates Vocal ID “Goldivox” film for Saatchi New York and is shortlisted for Young Directors Awards and Saatchi New Directors selection in Cannes.

Vocal ID      

VocaliD, an innovative company that is pioneering the customisation of digital voices for people with speech impairments, tasked Saatchi and Saatchi New York to create a new marketing campaign to drive awareness and encourage people to share their voice.

Saatchi’s New York worked with animation director Tomas Vergara to create the interactive and animated voice-activated film that tells the story of Goldivox, a girl on a journey across the world to find a voice that fits her. The interactive film utilises the animation assets created for character and animation to read the words on the screen to help play the video featuring a girl with the inability to speak on her own. The interaction allows you to travel the world to look for a unique voice that fits her.The film is also released as a non interactive film used for digital content promotion.

The 28 year old Tomas Vergara who is represented by Three Wise Monkeys in Europe and his own Peak Pictures in Latin America, has also been shortlisted for the Young Directors Award in Cannes for animation in North America with the Vocal iD film and for best short film for Latin America with his award winning short film Isolated (which won him best short film at Irish Kinsale Sharks awards). Tomas is also selected for the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes Lions festival.


Animation Company: Tomas Vergara (Peak Pictures)

Creative Agency:
Chief Technology Officer: Jay Benjamin
Creative Director: James Tucker, Billy Leyhe
Copywriter: Callum Spencer, Devin McGillivary
Art Director: Ryan Gifford
Business Director: Oliver Matthews
Head of TV/ Production: John Doris, Lir Cowman
Designer: Christopher Kelly
Producer: Tegan Mahford
Creative Agency: Saatchi NY
Project Manager: Jemma Kamara, Adam Field
Design Director: Blake Enting
Associate Creative Director: Brad Soulas
Developer: (Lead) Stu Cox, David Martin

Music and Sound:
Music Production: Massive Music
Sound Design: Daniel Ferreira

Three Wise Monkeys director Paul Donnellon recently completed animation films for marketing and communication departments at Towergate Insurance and Citibank.

Citibank & Towergate Insurance      

Paul designed characters and developed storyboard and scenario’s to the clients script and brief for Towergate Insurance taking up directorial and animation duties to complete the 70 second animation film from start to finish in a 4 week time frame. Towergate Insurance received very positive social; media perception for viewing and sharing for a first day launch of 91,471 Impressions, 23,209 Views (the number of people who watched more than 30 Sec), 25.37% View Through Rate  (this is really high which means we have strong content and targeting – average tends to be 10%) and 14,443 Watched to the end (15.79% of users watched 100% of the video)

See there film online at the following address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjGjQSrJyvI

Paul then went on to complete two animation films for the promotion of Citibank’s Diversity Week. The first being a 2 minute film which promotes and communicates the theme of the Diversity Week, making allies. Paul animated and designed line drawn interpretations of famous states persons or champions of minority rights which conveyed the power of the individual to help others through support and association and change the status quo. The films were used internally by Citibank’s communication department and were followed by a second film of animated stories which conveyed personal narratives from people within Citibank who had come forward in response to the first film.

Amplified Robot provide technology and coding development for World’s first 360 live streaming event for Medical Realities live surgery

Medical Realities      

Creative technology officer Matt Leatherbarrow and the Interactive coding team from Amplified Robot, the in-house coding team for Three Wise Monkeys recently undertook one of their most challenging and nerve racking projects providing technology and coding for the World’s first 360 live streaming across the internet. The live surgery for removal of a cancer tumour in the digestive system undertaken at St Barts, London by surgeon Shafi Ahmed attracted worldwide media attention being the first live operation streamed in 360 degree video across the internet. The film could be viewed using web browsers and mobile handsets by downloading the VRinOR app developed by Amplified Robot so that users could view the operation from within the operating theatre. The event promoted learning for medical students and interested parties using virtual reality as an education tool which is the specialism of Medical Realities for whom Amplified Robot provide virtual reality and augmented reality development and support.


Sky News Coverage: https://vimeo.com/166937410
BBC News Coverage: https://vimeo.com/162950092

Three Wise Monkeys post 4 films for BASF to promote brand, renewables and sustainability projects.


Three Wise Monkeys worked with producer Linda Notelovitz at production company Sweet Spot Content and creative agency M&C Saatchi Berlin to complete grading, picture post and sound post production for their latest brand film and films promoting recyclable coffee capsules, renewable fuels and their construction works building Florida Keys bridge and on Sienna cathedral. Three Wise Monkeys provided editing support for the projects with Iain Thomson, grading with Ollie Gill at Nice Biscuits and Flame clean up, enhancements and repurposing for delivery with Miguel Wratten and Andy Godwin.


Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi Berlin
Agency Creative: Bjorn Bremer (ECD), Max Pazak (Art Director), Alice Gnodde (Copywriter)
Prod.Co.: Sweet Spot Content
Director: Tony Kaye
Producer: Linda Notelovitz
Editor: Peter Goddard, Iain Thomson.
Grade: Ollie Gill at Nice Biscuits
Post Production VFX: Three Wise Monkeys

Director Oliver Warren and agency Isobar capture the Art of Photography for Huawei for Huawei's new P9 phone with inbuilt Leica camera.


The Huawei P9 phone is the latest ground breaking collaboration between Huawei and Leica and takes smartphone photography to a whole new level. Director Oliver Warren, producer Jacob Madsen from Dingo Bill Productions and the agency team at Isobar have been involved with the launch of the handset the whole way. The team travelled across Europe for the past few months capturing the spots, creating three films in total. One 60 second promo that led the global launch, plus two long-form documentaries, which delve further into the art of photography and Huawei’s unique approach to a global design philosophy. Three Wise Monkeys undertook clean up and finishing for the films at 4K resolution using Flame with Nick Bennett and Miguel Wratten following grading at Unit.

3WM complete Emporio Armani Spring –Summer 2016 90 second film for Lachlan Bailey and Artolica.


Lachlan Bailey’s latest Emporio Armani campaign is a showcase of the new collection for Spring / Summer 2016 and features strong foreground dynamic actions against heavily defocused backgrounds to really bring out the flowing and fresh feel for Spring- Summer. Editor Farrah Drabu gave the 90 second moving image feel a dynamic interpretation combining time lapse and jump cut effects to play with the sense of time, the film was graded using a slightly desaturated colour pallette  and retouched by the Three Wise Monkeys team. The film has a simple narrative to bring out the best in the classic shapes and rich colours of the collection shot on location in Barcelona. The campaign was produced by by Enrico Ruggiero and Eliana Venier from Artolica, working with Creative Director Valentina Morresi at Armani with the campaign shot on location in Barcelona with DoP Alex Reid looking after the moving image film for director Lachlan Bailey.

Compare the Market “Batmobile” 90 second film completed for Squire Studio and creative agency Pablo.


JT from Squire Studio directed the digital content 90 second film promoting Compare the Markets Meerkat Movies association with 2 for 1 tickets for Batman Vs Superman release across cinema’s for Spring 2016. The 90 second film features the Meerkats filming the amazing Batmobile from the latest epic instalment of Batman Vs Superman from DC Comics. The Batmobile starts up unexpectedly over the Meerkats commentary, knocking them off their feet and deteriorating the images in camera. The camera move was selected and then stabilised prior to addition of CG generated flame, glows, camera shake and image distortions by Three Wise Monkeys team using Flame and Maya. The background studio was also cleaned up removing all visible leads and filament wires, lights were added to the car and background lights on set extended to complete the film.

Sisters Grimm create GREAT immersive film projection to promote green values with Three Wise Monkeys.

Green is GREAT      

Theatre and Performance production company Sisters Grimm were commissioned by the UK Government’s GREAT CAMPAIGN to showcase their skills at a networking event at the end of January in the prestigious Lancaster House venue. The Mansion positioned on The Mall close to Buckingham Palace is an 19th Century palace and the grand staircase framed the backdrop for an immersive wall projection devised by the Sisters Grimm creative directors Pietra Mello-Pittman and Ella Spira with Three Wise Monkeys and Amplified Robot. The theme for the 5 minute projection film loop was Green is GREAT and the team devised environments that would reveal through the collapse of the wall caused by projected plants and flowers growing from cracks in the wall in Lancaster House. The scene revealed is a verdant British woodland scene with ethereal sprit dancers appearing through the scene. The environment starts to deteriorate across time and the ethereal spirits presence is felt less until a barren landscape is revealed over time. The environment rejuvenates and the spirits reappear to the Green is GREAT logo.

Amplified Robot’s Animator /designer Myles Eve worked with James Pendry to complete the animation integrating the projection with the AV team of Ed Metcalfe and Jamie Shaw who worked with the Lancaster House and GREAT team to find the best way to project within the beautiful house.

The GREAT campaign is the Government’s most international promotion campaign showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer to inspire the world and encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK.


Production Company: Sisters Grimm
Client: GREAT Campaign
Creative Directors: Pietra Mello-Pittman & Ella Spira
Producer film and event: Carl Grinter at Three Wise Monkeys
Animation and design: Myles Eve and James Pendry
Production Company: Sisters Grimm
Audio Visual projection & logistics: Ed Metcalfe and Jamie Shaw

Chevrolet Spark “Nitro Fun” 3 min film and 60 second test commercial


Director Tomas Vergara follows his award success for best animated short and best animation direction at Kinsale Irish International Advertising Festival for his film Isolated with a 3 minute film and commercial he developed for Chevrolet Spark.

The film highlights Tomas’ dynamic cinematic style, uniquely modern twist on storytelling and his eye for detail. The films were completed over a 10 week period and show the speed, quality and experience of the director destined for great things in commercials and features.

Chevrolet Spark “Cheat Codes” 3 minute test film`

Chevrolet Spark “Cheat Codes” 60 second cutdown

Gun Wharf Quays “Giftbox” 30 second commercial


Ad agency Noah tasked Three Wise Monkeys with producing the latest commercials for Portsmouth based Gun Wharf Quays. The agency wanted to highlight the wide variety of top tier brands represented at Gun Wharf Quays and show the wide variety of products from fashion, gifts and homeware’s available. What better way than for the products to float weightless in space prior to coming together to form a motif that represents the Christmas time of year, a Christmas present.

Three Wise Monkeys shot around 30 products on prepared model movers and also computer generated 10 products that could interact with the surrounding products and refract or reflect to integrate the scenes. The commercial was edited in house by Iain Thomason with all grading and compositing completed by Brian King. Matt Payne and James Pendry completed computer animation of products using Maya and Arnold with Duncan Cross completing audio duties, all at Three Wise Monkeys.

Client: Land Securities/Gun Wharf Quays
Agency: Noah Advertising
Agency Creative: Mark Prime and Lee Hanson
Account Execs: Ellen Kent and Cat Lynch
Agency producer: Peter Muggleston
Production Company: Three Wise Monkeys
Editor: Iain Thomson
VFX Supervisor, grading, compositing: Brian King
Sound Post production: Duncan Cross
Producer: Carl Grinter

Tomas Vergara Joins Three Wise Monkeys


Tomás Vergara is a self taught 27 year old computer animation artist, designer and director and film nut. He was born in Chile andlives currently in Santiago Chile where his small and highly efficient team have been producing amazing work since 2011, when he left his full time job in advertising.

His latest short film Isolated originated from a short story pitched to him by his brother a couple of years ago, Isolated is high-tempo, animated journey through a city on the brink of destruction. Adopting a hyper-real aesthetic, Vergara’s frantic 5-minute short presents its viewer with an intense, immersive experience of what it’d be like to be street level in a world on the edge of an apocalypse.

Essentially a chase sequence through a somewhat deserted city, Isolated shuns narrative complexity and instead opts for full-blown tension in its delivery, resulting in one of the most-action packed short films you’re likely to experience. With an internet release in mind, Vergara gave great consideration to his audience when making Isolated and opted for an approach that delivered what he describes as a “universal, intense and (almost) real time experience”.

With a VFX background, Vergara and his team opted to make take their narrative down the animation route instead of live-action because they wanted “full-creative control – especially with scenarios, lights, camera and scale”. Whilst you could easily imagine Isolated as a live-action sequence from a feature film, for a short to achieve this it would need a sizeable budget, one the majority of short filmmakers would never have available. Viewing Isolated, Vergara’s reasoning behind choosing animation seems well-founded and for me it really was the immersive nature and the scale of the piece that impresses – it’s not often you get to see a helicopter gun-team mowing down hordes of infected bodies in a desolated high-rise cityscape in short film.

Three Wise Monkeys Teams Up with Director Shelly Love for Latest Works


Shelly Love is a director who transports you to another world. Her imaginative and theatrical storytelling is beautifully realised and Three Wise Monkeys have partnered with Love on her latest works for The Roundhouse, London, funded by The Arts Council & Al Heez for Qatar National Day.

FALLEN CIRCUS is the first chapter of a developing longer film work following on from the success of Love’s FORGOTTEN CIRCUS which has had 3 million views and submission to 350 art, film, dance & cross disciplinary festivals worldwide. Three Wise Monkeys graded, mastered, managed and communicated with production & post-production partners for a safe delivery the short film that takes the viewer on a journey that is textural and elegantly choreographed in the unique style that Love is known for.

Continuing on the theme of children’s magical fantasy, Love has created a 24 minute short film through Serious Pictures to mark Qatar National Day. Aimed at children and airing on national television the story revolves around children and their dreams. The live action drama is interspersed with dream sequences that employ techniques of shadow puppetry and black light theatre using puppeteers, dancers and circus performers. Three Wise Monkey’s team brought to life these techniques through added 3D animation elements, grade and compositing to add sparkle and magic to the traditionally shot film.

Three Wise Monkeys gives a helping hand to Liberty


Liberty, the UK based human rights organisation, have released a series of videos highlighting real life stories of social injustice and experiences of using human rights laws. Directed and edited by Farrah Drabu of DNR Films the campaign uses celebrities Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Callow, David Harewood, Indira Varma & Vanessa Redgrave to give a voice to ordinary peoples’ stories and raise awareness of the important role the Human Rights Act plays.

Drawing on their previous working relationship and with a shared ideology of using film as a tool for education to entertain and spread a message, Drabu enlisted the help of Three Wise Monkeys to complete the colour grade and audio mix for the set of films.


Carl Grinter says, Liberty are one of the great organisations in this country able to apply pressure for individuals and groups to maintain a balanced and a fair society for all. Saving the Human Rights Act is essential to maintaining a fair voice for everyone in a country without a constitution. To be asked to work on this project by Farrah was a great honour for us. Hopefully the small part we played will help make a big difference.


Client: Liberty
Director: Farrah Drabu
Producer: Farrah Drabu
Editor: Farrah Drabu
Production company: DNR Films
Grade, titling, mastering : Brian King for Three Wise Monkeys
Audio dubbing: Duncan Cross for Three Wise Monkeys
Post producer: Carl Grinter

Three Wise Monkeys’ Amplified Robot Builds Unique Virtual Reality Art Gallery Experience.

Amplified Robot, London app developers specializing in VR & AR, are the team behind the World’s first opening of an art show in interactive virtual reality.

Working with artist Gretchen Andrew, Immersiv.ly and the De Re Gallery in Los Angeles, Amplified Robot built in-house a computer generated recreation of the gallery and developed a VR app to work with Oculus Rift and smartphone headsets. The created concept allowed movement and navigation around the virtual gallery where exhibited work could be viewed alongside digital representations of further works. The experience was enriched through augmented content – artist commentary, video and photographs - that created a completely immersive and personal first hand journey of the artist’s and the paintings. One which the viewer has complete control over.

This unique interactive event was held first in LA and then most recently, at the Hoxton Gallery in London where the CGI build and app allowed for the exhibition to be showcased anywhere in the World.

Download VR app and read more at virtualrealityderegallery.com


Digital De Re Gallery is a collaboration between the London-based American artist Gretchen Andrew and immersiv.ly, the app platform for news in virtual reality founded by Louis Jebb. The narration, all paintings and additional photographs and video are by Gretchen Andrew.

The Artist: Gretchen Andrew
Production: immersiv.ly
Executive Producer: Louis Jebb
The Gallery: De Re Gallery

The space represented in the app is De Re Gallery, one of the leading commercial galleries in Los Angeles. Immersiv.ly thanks the directors of De Re for their generous assistance in aiding Gretchen Andrew and the app team in making a computer-generated model of the gallery.

The VR App Creators: Amplified Robot
The app was created for immersiv.ly by Amplified Robot, in partnership with Three Wise Monkeys.
CEO, Amplified Robot: Steve Dann
Lead developer: Matt Leatherbarrow
Programming: Fernan Espejo, Dan Bone
CGI artist: Matt Payne
Web integration: James Pendry

Africa United – West Africa vs Ebola
Designer/Animation Director: Jon Dunleavy
Agency : Green Door/Radical Media, Client : Unicef


British actor Idris Elba and a host of international football stars launched a public awareness campaign to help halt West Africa's Ebola epidemic and recognize the health workers fighting the deadly disease. The worst Ebola outbreak on record has killed more than 6,800 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The Africa United campaign (www.weareafricaunited.org) directed by Tim Saccenti and produced by Ben Schneider at Green Door Pictures / Radical Media London broadcasts information on the disease to show the local population how to stop the spread of Ebola in French, English, Krio and other local languages. Three Wise Monkeys Director, Jon Dunleavy, animated the prevention sequences with Seti Setarah using simple graphical outlines that work without titles to illustrate symptoms and how to avoid contracting the disease. The film will be used in country and launched ahead of the African Cup of Nations draw in Equatorial Guinea's capital, Malabo.


Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creative Team: Matt Roach & David Lawrie
Director: Tim Saccenti
Producer: Ben Schneider
Production Company: Green Door Pictures / Radical Media London
Editor: Julia Knight at Work
Animation: Jon Dunleavy at Three Wise Monkeys
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Sound:  Patch Rowland at Final Cut

Suzuki Vitara “Cantata Vitara” launch commercials
Director: Michael Geoghegan VFX: Storm/3WM
Agency : Noah/Partizan, Client : Suzuki


Three Wise Monkeys have just completed all post-production on Suzuki’s latest European commercial for the launch of their new model, Vitara via London agency Noah and production company, Partizan. Working with partner company Storm Studios, whom Three Wise Monkeys represents for advanced computer animation and CG heavy visual effects, the integration of advanced photorealistic visual effects & computer animation into the live action commercial was overseen by Academy Award winning VFX supervisor Øystein Larsen (MATRIX RELOADED, MATRIX REVOLUTIONS). Further collaboration was with grading and post specialist, Raised By Wolves.

Building on the narrative of a thriving authentic carnival atmosphere to celebrate the arrival of the cars, visual effects and post-production were needed to fill the areas where production resources could not stretch to strengthen the ‘big’ festival feel. Three Wise Monkeys responsibility was to fill the streets with additional computer generated flags, banners and bunting for wider shots and to extend crowds through replication and shooting of elements as second camera elements. In addition, multiplication of the cars from the three supplied to nine or more in shots, remove all competitive branding, clean up cars, environments and remove elements such as contemporary buildings that didn't fit with their surroundings. A total of 40 visual effects shots were turned around in four weeks by a large team at Storm in Oslo, orchestrated and supported from Three Wise Monkeys’ London office.

Working with Three Wise Monkeys’ own experienced in-house talent, the partnership with Storm highlights the specialist offering available combining the world of animation with high level advanced CG and visual effects expertise.

Carl Grinter comments: “We had four weeks to complete a 90, 30, 20 and 10 second commercial and it was essential we got the elements we needed in the augmentation of the live action to create believable photorealistic shots through both the live action elements Michael was shooting and the second unit shots that Øystein could set up on location. The approach developed into a seamless, trusting collaborative approach where the experience of the team and Øystein could shine through to ensure the very best results could be achieved in post production. An iterative development of the effects shots with director Michael Geoghegan meant the approval of many shots prior to arriving with Raised by Wolves. We wanted each part of the process to concentrate on what talent did best. With Vic Parker grading and Jon Hollis at Raised By Wolves handling the multiplication of the cars in the heat haze sequence where the cars emerge out of the desert haze of multiple cars, and finessing all shots, we knew the agency would get something special. The collaboration was seamless and the commercials completed on course for the multiple UK and European launch dates".

Dave Jenner, Creative Director at Noah comments “This was a particularly ambitious and complex project. We had 4 cars on set but needed to make it look more like 25. We had 200 extras but needed to make it look like a whole town had come out to celebrate the new Vitara. The support of Three Wise Monkeys throughout the project, and the quality of the final product, exceeded our expectations and made for an outstanding film”.


Agency: Noah
Agency Head: Cormach Moore
Agency Creatives: Chas Bayfield and David Jenner
Agency Producer: Peter Muggleston

Prod Co: Partizan
Director: Michael Geoghegan
Producer: Ella Sanderson
Prod Manager: Brett Webb
Editor: Rachel at Work

Post Production: Three Wise Monkeys / Storm Studios
VFX Supervisor: Øystein Larsen
VFX compositing lead - Storm Studios: Henry Cummins
Visual effects and CG Animation: Storm Studios/Three Wise Monkeys
Grading: Vic Parker at Raised by Wolves
Finishing and VFX compositing: Jon Hollis at Raised by Wolves
Post production exec: Carl Grinter
Post production producers: Carl Grinter, Fredrik Antzen, Gin Godden

Pioneering director Martyn Pick Joins the Three Wise Monkeys Family


Distinctive London-based animation director, Martyn Pick, has joined the 3WM family for commercial representation. Martin’s unique style integrates live action and CGI into beautiful fluid or dynamically edgy painterly hand animation.  This innovative mix using digital tools to directly manipulate live action creates a traditional looking eclectic range of art-based styles and sits perfectly within the diversity of our animation offering. A modern artist in the truest sense, Martyn’s animation style transports the audience into a living canvas. Martyn contrasts his firmly artistic approach with a character based approach using computer animation which integrates his painterly feel into dimensional characters and environments showcasing artistic sensitivities across the body of his work and practice.  Martyn’s career highlights include animation director on the acclaimed documentary/animation hybrid film THE AGE OF STUPID described by the Telegraph as 'bold, supremely provocative & hugely important’. Here he blended live action, CGI and Matte paintings. Commissioned to create the Olympics promotional film LONDON, the film showcases Martyn’s boundary pushing technique of painting directly onto live action. The results are intense and textural visual story-telling that led to further commissions for the BBC and US commercial clients.

Pick’s body of work is wide ranging with his expressionistic art represented across mediums in print for graphic novels, exhibitions, animated series and film. His foundations in Fine Art and Film at Central Saint Martins demonstrate experimental freedom with a distinctive central tone and voice.

Carl Grinter : Martyn’s an artist which brings his beautiful and fluid, textural practice  and promotional experience to the commercial advertising and marketing realm. His feature and commercials work in 2d, 3d, live action stands out as unique and powerful medium to create affective, emotional attachments.

An experienced animator and director, Martyn has directed commercials for both the UK & US markets, promos, idents, short films and his feature Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie.

Kellogg’s All Bran Deal or No Deal Sponsorships
Designer/Animation Director: Daniel Greaves/Tobias Fouracre
Agency : Leo Burnett, Client : Kellogg's


The combined expertise of Three Wise Monkeys directors, Daniel Greaves and Tobias Fouracre, is the talent behind Kellogg’s All Bran’s sponsorship idents currently on air for Deal or No Deal via Leo Burnett London.
The stop frame animated commercials were completed in a 3 ½ week turnaround period from inception to delivery and featured five set builds and two minutes of animation all completed in a one week shoot with Tobias Fouracre and Steve Edge animating and Daniel Greaves as Creative Director. The sponsorships were edited and had all rigs removed on set prior to the grade.
2 x 15’, 2 x 10’ and 12 x 5’ were all delivered in record time and to Three Wise Monkeys high level of craft.

Creative Team: Liam Bushby and Alison Stevens
CD: Guy Moore
Agency Producer: Serena Schellenberg
Production Company: StoryLab
Producers: David Wieder and Jon Grafton

Animation & Post Production: Three Wise Monkeys
Animation: Tobias Fouracre and Steve Edge
Creative Director: Daniel Greaves
Grade: Martin Southworth at Nice Biscuits

08:58 “The Clock” featuring the Generic Man short film
Director : Luke Losey

08:58 “The Clock”      

08:58 “The Clock” featuring the Generic Man short film

Every morning a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat, leaves his suburban home. On his way to work, he passes a fancy-dress shop, where he is invited by a shopkeeper to try on an outfit. He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back and enters another world, where he has an adventure, before the shopkeeper reappears to lead him back..This is one of those jolly adventures...

Directed by Luke Losey. The Clock is the first single release from 8:58 (Paul Hartnoll), until recently one half of Orbital, staring Cillian Murphy as the Generic man.

This short film/music video was shot edited & delivered in under one week. Locations in central and east London. Fancy dress shop is 'Only fools and Peacocks' on Kingsland road. The approach to this film is deliberately Low Fi and Guerrilla using a maximum of two takes, working to a very simple narrative that we improvised as we went along. We had a lot of fun making this...Three Wise Monkeys’ Brian King graded, onlined and built the looping dance sequence at 4.5 K using moves into footage to create a displaced reality referencing gif loops.

Absolut "Dark Noir"
Designer/ Animation Director: Rafael Grampá
Client : Absolut Vodka


Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer Rafael Grampá turned his powers to the small screen for the first time in “Dark Noir.” The animated short was his directorial debut, a commissioned work for Absolut’s “Transform Today” campaign. The project was billed as a “co-creation” between Grampá and Absolut’s Facebook fans - who supplied concepts and drawings via Absolut’s Facebook presence - but when it came to producing the actual animation, Grampá partnered with Red Knuckles.

Xbox Forza Horizon 2 “Forza Fuel” 60 second trailer
Designer/ Animation Director: Leo Marcantonio
Agency: Spreading Jam , Client : Xbox


Agency Spreading Jam worked with designer/director Leo Marcantonio at Three Wise Monkeys to develop the launch trailer for the Forza Fuel 4 day epic road adventure that brings new Xbox game Forza Horizon 2 into the real world to promote the games launch. Using a combination of time lapse live action, computer animation, game footage, motion graphics, Leo and agency creatives Drew Wolf and James Hernandez created a high octane launch video that portrays the epic nature of real supercar challenge under way with 8 teams and games influencers from 15-19 September and can be followed on xbox.com/ForzaFuel or #Forza Fuel