Three Wise Monkeys Directors include Alex Rutterford, The Beglan Brothers, No Brain, Martyn Pick, Jon Dunleavy, Paul Donnellon and ORKA Studio. We also bring other directors to the table from our extensive and potent network, tailored to the projects specific requirements. Our directors integrate their animation disciplines with live action through performance direction, stop-frame, roto-mation, motion-capture, composited characters and visual effects work and many direct a broad cross section of live action to integrate with animation.

After graduating in graphic design, Alex Rutterford began his professional career in the film industry by designing graphics for films working in the art departments of Shepperton and Pinewood Studios.  From these early days, his distinctive style of design has been employed across a range of mediums and products – both as Art director and Designer incorporating clothing design, album covers, identities, computer modelling and animation and photo manipulation.  He naturally progressed into the role of Creative Director / Computer Generated Image Artist at Lost in Space where his reputation was cemented in designing and animating the ground breaking music video “Gantz Graf’ for Autechre / Warp Records. After joining RSA Films (2001-2012), he continued to direct music videos including Radiohead (“Go To Sleep”) which he was part of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase, and commercials for clients which included Bacardi, Sony Playstation, Chrystler Group (Dodge).  The commercial “A Day in the Life” for Sony Playstation (Europe/UK territories) won a Clio (Gold), International ANDY (Bronze for animation) and a APA 50 award.

Brothers Phillip and Charles together create characters that are caricatured in their design combining disciplines to construct exquisite and expressive animated worlds. Phillip is a character animator, modeller and stop frame director notably working on the much-loved Aardman Creature Comforts, Wallace & Gromit and Coraline. A graduate of Fine Art at Central St Martin’s and History of Art at St Andrews University, Phillip has been animating with brother Charles since building and designing their own characters, rigs and sets for both stop frame animation and computer animation. Together they work collaboratively on all projects with Charles leading the CG projects and Phillip leading the stop frame projects.

Jon’s series of star studied short animated films have won him a bunch awards including a British Animation Award for his debut film The Technical Hitch, a Cannes Short Film Corner award for Crash Bang Wallow and a Babelgum Online Award for Shadows & Dust.
ORKA Studio are based in Warsaw and have a long relationship of working with Three Wise Monkeys producer Carl Grinter. They were established in 1996 and have become one of the largest pre eminent animation and effects studio across Central and Eastern Europe. Character designer, illustrator and scenographer Przemek Kotynski and animation director Celina Skiba lead the exceptionally diversely skilled animation team as happy undertaking complex character and scene based work as CG liquid and visual effects commercials, feature and content based work.