Design by its nature invites and potentiates, through its multiple layers of expression, ambiguity and the associated subject/object relation. It creates meaning and messaging through its poetic significance. Often the outcome of the design process is conceived as open-ended and unverifiable except for those who have experienced its intentionality. In practice, design is constituted for Three Wise Monkeys in interactive design, motion image design, animation, spatial design and visual effects. In action these disciplines are contextual, relational and qualitative to what they communicate and contribute culturally. At Three Wise Monkeys, our process of collaboration in visual and interactive design is speculative, reflective, critical and rigorous in its iterative movement between imagining, representing and testing. Our visual design and effects specialists include Storm Studios, Amplified Robot, Leo Marcantonio, Alex Rutterford, Voodoodog, Brian King and Nice Biscuits.

"I try to make all my work have an original feel. I don't see the point in making the same film as everyone else. I want to come to an idea in a unique way... and if I can come up with a hook, concept or technique that will keep the project feeling fresh, then I am guaranteed that the audience feels the same. People don't want to see the same formulaic work, they want to see good work. They want to be entertained, surprised and amazed by things - and it is up to us to do that, to not disappoint."

After graduating in graphic design, Alex Rutterford began his professional career in the film industry by designing graphics for films working in the art departments of Shepperton and Pinewood Studios.  From these early days, his distinctive style of design has been employed across a range of mediums and products – both as Art director and Designer incorporating clothing design, album covers, identities, computer modelling and animation and photo manipulation.  He naturally progressed into the role of Creative Director / Computer Generated Image Artist at Lost in Space where his reputation was cemented in designing and animating the ground breaking music video “Gantz Graf’ for Autechre / Warp Records. After joining RSA Films (2001-2012), he continued to direct music videos including Radiohead (“Go To Sleep”) which he was part of the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase, and commercials for clients which included Bacardi, Sony Playstation, Chrystler Group (Dodge).  The commercial “A Day in the Life” for Sony Playstation (Europe/UK territories) won a Clio (Gold), International ANDY (Bronze for animation) and a APA 50 award.
Paul Donnellon, originally from Dublin, studied animation and graphic design at Dun Laoighaire College of Art and Design. Paul has been directing since 1990 through his studio collective Voodoodog concentrating on feature film title sequences for Hollywood and independent studios, commercials, branding and content. Voodoodog are most happy animating characters and environments in mixed media, communicating using the full gamut of their skills and talents across vector based 2d animation, 3d computer animation and stop frame, often employing mixtures of media in their work.