Three Wise Monkeys are based at 26 Berwick Street, London W1F 8RG. Alongside animation, visual design and coding and development tools, we have an HD Pro Tools 5.1 surround sound audio suite driven by sound engineer Duncan Cross, Avid, Premiere and Final Cut editing suite, Flame and Smoke compositing suite. This enables us to provide a tailored bespoke service for the full scope of every production we undertake.

Wisdom 9

“Creativity is unusual stuff, it frightens, it deranges. Its subversive. It mistrusts what it hears. It dares to doubt. It acts even if it errs. It infiltrates preconceived notions. It rattles established certitudes. It incessantly invents new ways, new vocabularies. It provokes and changes point of view.”
Fabrica Communications Research Centre, Venice